Guillaume Beaudoin. Cinematographer. Director.

Guillaume Beaudoin is a cinematographer, a photographer and a director based in Montreal. He began filming sports in the early 2000. After winning the video contest "la meilleur job d'été au monde" in 2008 he started his career as a freelance director of photography. Guillaume has photographed projects all over the world. In the fall of 2013, he left Montreal for a ten months trip in Asia, Africa and Europe where he directed 3 sports TV show and worked on a film set in Nepal. Since then he filmed different projects in many countries from music videos to commercial films. Aside from working as a cinematographer, Guillaume has a strong body of work as a director and photographer for nature and lifestyle projects. Regardless of the type of assignment, his goal as Director of Photography is to create images that will not only tell the story, but that will wake up the viewer's intuition on a subtle way.

Instagram @guillaumebd